Social & Cultural Plans

Council has adopted a suite of issue based plans which address specific social and community needs.


Arts & Culture Strategic Plan

Arts & Cultural Strategic Plan 2015-2017 (12MB)


Youth Work Action Plan

Youth Work Action Plan 2016-2021 (6MB)

This plan sets out Council’s key commitments to young people who live, work, visit and study in North Sydney. It provides the framework for strategies based on consultation with young people and the youth services sector, and a review of recent research that forms the basis of current Youth Work policy and practice in NSW.


Affordable Housing Strategy

Affordable Housing Strategy 2015 (3MB)



Northern Sydney Aboriginal Social Plan 2007-2011 (8MB)

The following are the Principles of Cooperation between Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council (Metro) and North Sydney Council, these Protocols are as follows:

Aboriginal Land Council - Principles of Cooperation (159KB)



Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) 2016-2019 (507KB)

Charter for Universal Access (216KB)


Homeless Strategy

The Homelessness strategy 2013 -2016 is a statement of North Sydney Council's commitment to assisting people who are homeless and in housing need.

Homeless Strategy 2013-2016 (2MB)



Concerns about safety can reduce the quality of life for people within their community.

Through consultation and community networks issues of safety have been raised.

North Sydney Council has responded to these issues by developing appropriate strategies to ensure that the local community is a safe and satisfying place in which to live. North Sydney Council's vision is "to make North Sydney a more satisfying place for people".

Community Safety Plan 2014-17 (2MB)


Plans of Management - Community Centres

The following plans of management establish guidelines for the successful and continued use of these Community Centres.

Crows Nest Centre (2MB)

Kirribilli Centre & Bradfield Park Community Centres (2MB)

May Gibbs Nutcote (1MB) & Conservation Plan for Nutcote (5MB)

North Sydney Community Centre (1MB)

Primrose Park Arts and Craft Centre (1MB)


More Information

For policies that guide Stanton Library and Community Development in general, refer in particular to Community Centres, Cultural and Recreational Facilities, please go to: Council Policy Manual.