Stanton Library Mission Statement

Our aspiration is to provide a welcoming and inclusive library service for our community that inspires and supports wellbeing, lifelong learning, a love of reading, community connectedness and creative thinking.

Our mission

  • Stanton Library creates a welcoming environment that is accessible and responsive to the diverse needs of North Sydney residents and our wider community.
  • Customer service is at the centre of all that we do. To maintain a high level of helpful and professional customer service, staff attend annual customer service training. Customer feedback and ideas will be sought through surveys, focus groups and feedback forms.
  • Curated collections are provided in all formats. We ensure our collections are well maintained and relevant, reflecting the diversity of our community.
  • Stanton Library offer services and programs that engage and connect our communities, helping to foster wellbeing.
  • Stanton Library engages the community in shaping library services.