Application to Occupy Road and / or Footpath


Payable today:

Service Fee
Application fee to occupy road or footpath (minimum one-week notice)
This non-refundable fee is requested upon lodgement.

To be invoiced by Council at a later date:

Service Fee
Parking spaces (regardless of kerb side restriction)

$350 (per metered space, per day)

$240 (per non-metered space, per day)

Skip Bin (max of 2 weeks) Refer to parking spaces per day
Footpath Occupancy (retains consistent 1.2m footpath width) $65 per m2/per week
Digging/Excavation/Opening Restoration Fees are site dependent and include Parking & Footpath Occupancy Fees
Temporary Full Road Closure $1884 plus parking per day
Out of Normal Constructions Hours $645 covers 3 nights per week
Change of date (5 business days' notice, 3 business days if due to