Mitchell St Plaza

Mitchell Street Plaza Public Domain Upgrade

The Mitchell Street Plaza upgrade is complete with Green (breathable) Wall, Corten Walls, synthetic turf, Pacific Hwy footpath and shared zone space.

The Junglefy Breathing Wall is next to the Pacific Highway, and its doubled-walled structure is filled with nearly 6000 plants that filter vehicle exhaust and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The wall has fans inside, which draw air in and push it out through the plants, speeding up the air-cleaning process.

Decorative lighting has been installed, the Mitchell St & Atchison St intersection resurfaced and planting completed.

All electrical works and new lighting has been completed and resulted in the the removal of overhead power lines (Ausgrid).

The new shared-zone gives pedestrians right-of-way and puts a 10km-per-hour speed limit on motorists along the Plaza, which is situated between Pacific Hwy and Atchison St. The green wall "gateway statement" helps identity the character of St Leonards separate from the adjacent villages and Pacific Hwy road corridor.

The concept design was developed through consultation with a working group, which included adjacent land owners and tenants, council staff, RMS and design professionals.

The transformation of Mitchell Street Plaza is in response to increasing demand for better public domain space and renewed infrastructure, which was identified in Council’s St Leonards/Crows Nest Planning Study and the more recent Crows Nest Placemaking and Principles Study completed 2018. It comes as the area adjacent to St Leonards train station is rapidly changing from commercial use to mixed-use and high-rise development, attracting more residents to the area.

Adding to this is the nearby newly-built Metro Station in Crows Nest.

Quick facts:

  • More than 10,000 plants in 300m2 of garden beds and green walls

  • 11 new Chinese elms and five new spotted gums

  • 60m of overhead power lines re-routed underground

  • three new zebra crossings

  • 1644m2 paving with infrastructure for events use

  • five bike racks

  • a drinking fountain

  • ‘St Leonards’ sign built by a 3D-lenticular technique which shows the words ‘St Leonards’ in two different typefaces from two different angles, creating an optical illusion with a sense of movement.

More Information

For more information contact Council's Engineering Project Manager Shahid Rehman on 9936 8277.

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