Community Engagement Framework

Community engagement has become an essential part of government planning, policy development and service delivery.

It improves the quality of decisions and is an important part of being responsive to community and stakeholder needs.


Council’s Community Engagement Framework consists of the following components:

  1. Community Engagement Policy (142KB)
  2. Community Engagement Protocol with matrix (1MB)
    guides Council staff on when and how to engage the community for different situations and decision types.

  3. Community Engagement Toolkit (internal resource)
    procedures and internal staff resources for employing the engagement methods described in the Protocol.

The Protocol acts as a ‘statement of intent’ to the community and stakeholders, it outlines how Council will conduct community engagement relative to the project/decision type.


Community Engagement website

Our main website portal for community engagement topics and issues is:


For more information contact our Community Engagement Coordinator on Ph 9936 8100.