Maccallum Pool

Maccallum Pool, on the western side of Cremorne Point, is a unique 33m harbourside pool with heritage character and superb views...


It was originally just a rock pool created by local residents to form a safe harbour swimming hole (see the video below).

The architectural style of the current pool dates from the 1920s.

In keeping with that character it was restored by Council in 1985.

Maintenance is ongoing with the most recent works to decking and fence done in August 2020.

The pool is always open and only closes for cleaning as detailed below.


Closed for Cleaning Schedule 2022*

Because the pool is above the high-water mark, and it is filled with water directly from the harbour, beautiful Maccallum pool needs to be regularly cleaned.

It is completed once a week (tide dependant) and requires closure to allay the health and safety risks of an empty or half-full pool.

Once the pool is refilled to an adequate level it is reopened to the public.


Pool CLOSES for cleaning


Thursday 29 September, 1.30am Friday 30 September, 7.00am
Thursday 6 October, 8.00am Friday 7 October, 7.00am
Thursday 13 October, 1.00am Friday 14 October, 7.00am
Thursday 20 October, 7.00am Friday 21 October, 7.00am
Thursday 27 October, 1.00am Friday 28 October, 7.00am
Thursday 3 November, 7.00am Friday 4 November, 7.00am
Tuesday 8 November, 11.00am Wednesday 9 November, 7.00am
Tuesday 15 November, 3.00am Wednesday 16 November, 7.00am
Wednesday 23 November, 10.30am Thursday 24 November, 7.00am
Tuesday 29 November, 3.00am Wednesday 30 November, 7.00am
Tuesday 6 December, 10.30am Wednesday 7 December, 7.00am
Tuesday 13 December, 2.00am Wednesday 14 December, 7.00am
Wednesday 21 December, 9.30am Thursday 22 December, 7.00am
Wednesday 28 December, 4.00am Thursday 29 December, 7.00am


*The cleaning closed and open times are estimates only and may vary due to tides, weather, or other variables out of our control and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please check this timetable against the times posted on the pool gates, or speak with one of our friendly maintenance team.


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