North Sydney Transport Strategy

The North Sydney Transport Strategy (NSTS) is Council's guiding document for the delivery of its transport planning and management functions including strategic transport planning, delivery of local transport projects and transport advocacy.

North Sydney Transport Strategy (9MB)


The NSTS builds on the directions, outcomes and strategies detailed in North Sydney's Community Strategic Plan 2013-23 (CSP) and Ecologically Sustainable Development Best Practice Project 2014 to create an over-arching transport planning and management framework for the whole of Council.

More specifically, the NSTS bridges the gap between Community Strategic Plan objectives and practical, everyday transport planning and management decision making by:

  • Defining a holistic Vision for transport in North Sydney;
  • setting a principled, best practice approach to achieving this Vision;
  • identifying requirements for the development of mode specific action plans;
  • defining a Council-wide transport implementation framework;
  • outlining a delivery methodology that will help to ensure quick, consistent and robust responses to increasingly complex transport issues; and
  • re-assessing shared CSP/NSTS measuring and reporting requirements.

The NSTS is based on extensive feedback from preliminary community consultation undertaken in 2016.

This feedback helped to identify the North Sydney community's transport priorities, aspirations for the future of North Sydney's transport networks, and informed the development of the Draft NSTS. A second round of community consultation ensured that community priorities and aspirations identified in preliminary consultation were appropriately reflected within the NSTS.

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