Cycling Map

Cycling to commute is a great way to make activity a part of your daily life.


Five key cycleways: our goals, strategies, and progress so far. Plus a quick tour!

Cycleway Route 2

Building a better route through Neutral Bay and Cremorne, linking to the CBD.

Bike Parking

Map of bike parking facilities in the North Sydney LGA

Bike Parking Request

If you know of a spot that you think needs bike parking - tell us!

Bike Share Guidelines

Draft guidelines for bike share schemes: usage and operation in our area.

SHB Cycle Ramp

TfNSW project to put a cycle ramp at the northern end of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Bike check in & tune up

Saturday, 03 December 2022
Free bike tune ups while you wait or shop at Northside Produce Market.

Bike maintenance lessons

Bring your bike and get better at maintaining it.