Cycleway Route 2

Route 2 Cycleway (and Streetscape Improvement Plan) - proposes significant improvements to streetscape quality, landscaping and the walking and cycling network in parts of North Sydney, Neutral Bay and Cremorne.

Constructed in 2017: Route 2 cycleway - Young St map (767KB)

Constructed June 2018: Route 2 cycleway - Merlin St (to Ernest) map (1MB)


Ernest Street Cycling Numbers

A permanent counter is located on the Ernest Street Cycle Path that electronically captures each trip made by bike. The data is shown in the graph below and will be updated regularly. It shows steady growth in the use of the path since data was first captured in 2017. Note: sections of the path were closed between Sep-Dec 2018, likely reducing the usage numbers.






Project Background

In line with the vision of the North Sydney Community set out in the Community Strategic Plan 2013-2023, feedback from the North Sydney Community has shown that many more people would walk and cycle for day to day transport if safer, more accessible and more attractive paths were available. The Route 2 Cycleway and Streetscape Improvement Plan responds to this community demand. It proposes walking and cycling infrastructure upgrades that will enable more people to use "Active Transport" to move around Cremorne and Neutral Bay.

The project is not only about improving walking and cycling links. It has been developed with consideration of the entire road network/public domain, and also incorporates traffic calming works, large areas of new landscaping/garden beds, and new stormwater drainage. These works will ensure that the project provides broad community benefit and delivers more attractive and ‘liveable’ streets.

The North Sydney Integrated Cycling Strategy highlights that cycling projects need to be integrated with broad streetscape upgrades that benefit the community as a whole, and accordingly, the concept here places equal emphasis on general streetscape and landscaping upgrades, pedestrian amenity improvement, and traffic calming measures as part of a comprehensive streetscape improvement concept.


Route 2 Cycleway video 


More Information

Further information please contact our Sustainable Transport Project Coordinator on 9936 8100 or

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