Miller Street Pop-up

Council recently expanded pedestrian areas on Miller Street, North Sydney, by installing ‘pop-up’ (temporary) footpath widening and public space in the block between Pacific Highway and Berry Street. New pedestrian space has been created by closing sections of kerb side traffic/parking lanes and adjusting the central lanes. Two-way vehicle and bus access is still available along Miller Street.

The project includes:

  • widened/expanded footpaths, providing more room and improved access for people walking along Miller Street
  • seating areas for people to eat, rest etc.
  • umbrellas and ‘giant’ pot plants providing shade and shelter from road areas
  • relocation of one bus stop (on the west side of Miller Street in front of Woolworths) approx. 60m south of the previous location
  • landscaping to improve amenity and encourage activity in the area
  • a public outdoor piano

The project has been supported and funded by the NSW Government under the Streets as Shared Spaces program. The key aims are to provide better quality public space for the North Sydney community, increase vibrancy in the CBD, and support business and retail activity. The project is initially planned to be in place for six months, with the option to extend subject to community feedback. Most of the products and materials used can also be reused or relocated at the conclusion of the project.


Longer term, Council is proposing the full closure of this block of Miller Street to facilitate the implementation of a pedestrian plaza - ‘Miller Place’ - as part of the North Sydney Public Domain Strategy. The ‘pop-up’ project is an opportunity to trial changes and features that might form part of a permanent plaza. Council sought feedback about what the community liked about the pop-up, what could be improved, and what might work well as part of a permanent plaza. All submissions are being collated, analysed and will be reported to Council.


Changes to existing traffic and parking arrangements

The new pedestrian zone has been created by closing a portion of the traffic lane on the western side of Miller Street and extending the existing footpath. The changes to current traffic and parking arrangements, include:

  • all existing parking and loading zones along both sides of Miller Street (between Berry Street and Pacific Highway) are re-purposed as footpath/public space areas and a substitute loading zone installed on the Pacific Highway
  • motorists are not able to turn left from the Pacific Highway (southbound) into Miller Street as the ‘slip lane’ is closed to address pedestrian safety concerns and improve pedestrian accessibility
  • bus stop is relocated to the Pacific Highway end of the block to allow for the activation area

Access to existing driveways and construction areas has been maintained.


For more information contact Council’s Traffic & Transport Operations Department on 9936 8100.