Carbon Calculator

North Sydney Council Carbon Calculator

Measure a tree or shrub in your garden or street and the calculator below will show you how much carbon it is storing.

  1. All you need is a measuring tape with centimetres (just one from the sewing basket will do!) .
  2. Now, measure up from the ground 1.3 metres (chest height) .
  3. At this height, wrap your measuring tape all the way around the trunk of the tree and record the circumference in centimeters.
  4. Type this measurement into the space below, and then choose a tree type.
  5. The calculator will give you a reading of the approximate amount of carbon that is stored (sequestered) in the tree and also how much carbon dioxide that represents.

For shrubs it's even easier: just measure how tall the shrub is in metres and enter that in the box in the 'shrubs' section below.
For details on how the estimates are made, see the bottom of this page.

Carbon Calculator

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