Garden Competition

Garden Competition 2020 goes Virtual!

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2020 has brought about some dramatic changes but one thing that hasn’t changed is the ability of gardens and gardening to provide us with respite from the daily stresses of modern life.

Although the format of the North Sydney 2020 Garden Competition has changed to ensure a COVID19-safe event, the potential for the green-thumbs of North Sydney to share their creations is still real!

The winning gardens will feature in an Awards presentation.

Details of that event will be released closer to the time but...

Rest assured, Costa Georgiadis is sure to entertain us regardless of the format.


Entries closed 11 September 2020



We tweaked the categories to provide more opportunities for people to participate.

Take a look below, enter as many divisions as you like.

For each division entered, you are asked to upload a short ten (10) second video and/or four photos. Entrants may submit video, photos or both. No sound or commentary is required, just one slow pan around the garden or slow steady walk through. If not a video then a maximum of four (4) photos is acceptable.

  1. Balcony
    Small spaces that have had their garden potential maximised through pots and planter boxes.
  2. Courtyard
    Walled gardens which may include pots, planter boxes and ornaments. Areas where gardeners are often challenged by limited space and lots of hard surfaces.
  3. Indoor garden
    From a small collection of pots in the corner to a full scale atrium. Get creative with your indoor plants and show the judge your most spectacular room. Note: all plants must be ‘real living plants’. Artificial plants will not be accepted.
  4. Front garden
    Visible from the street, this division is for those gardeners that allow the wider community to also enjoy their creation.
  5. Back garden
    The private haven: Bigger than a courtyard. This division is for those with a traditional backyard maybe even with room for trees, pools, patios and pergolas.
  6. Shared Garden
    A division especially for apartment blocks or communal style housing where the gardens are shared and enjoyed by many. Could be at ground level or maybe on the rooftop.
  7. Children’s Garden
    Created or cared for by a child or group of children. Childcare centres, schools or just a family backyard with a gardening space dedicated to the kids.
  8. Native Habitat Garden
    Demonstrating environmental awareness and creating wildlife habitats with lots of native plants and other habitat features such as hollows, frog ponds and dense undergrowth.
  9. Edible Garden - Private
    Any garden that focusses on producing food: from small balconies with potted herbs to full size vegetable plots and orchards. Show the judge what your household is producing.
  10. Edible Garden - Community
    Community working together to produce food for sharing. Can be on public land or privately owned land but must demonstrate group effort and reward.
  11. Lex and Ruby Graham Prize - Individual
    For an individual that is maintaining or beautifying public land.
  12. Lex and Ruby Graham Prize - Group
    For public areas that are being maintained or beautified by groups of residents.


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