Online Forms

Most Council forms are found throughout our website on pages where the specific activity is listed or described.

Online forms listed below however offer immediate access (and sometimes payment) in one transaction.


Change your Details with Us

Change of Customer Details


Enquiry forms

General Enquiries

Waste service collection or other waste matters

Rates Enquiries

Customer Service feedback (tell us how we went)

Volunteer application form



Work Zone Permit

DA Submission form


Access Information

GIPA - informal access to information

(we encourage applications to access Council information, in the first instance, under the informal request provisions of the GIPA Act.)

GIPA - formal access application form

Peruse a Public Register

(Council Land Register; Returns of the interests of Councillors designated persons & delegates; Declarations of Candidate Campaign Political Donations)



Driveway Line Marking and/or No Parking Signage application form

Tree Removal / Pruning Application (Private land only)


Banner Pole Hire

APPLY online for a banner here (read more detail about the Banner Hire program here)


Boats Ramp

Tunks Park boat ramp hire (152KB) (only for special/construction use)