Resident Parking Form

Applying for a resident parking permit


Resident Parking form (238KB)


You must provide the following current documents for a Resident Parking permit.


a) Privately owned vehicle

  • Current registration papers of the vehicle registered to the applicant's North Sydney address.
    (plus ONE proof of residential status document, listed below)

b) Borrowed vehicle
all of the following 3 documents

  • Current registration papers of the vehicle;
  • a copy of the registered owner's licence;
  • a letter from the registered owner advising Council of the person who has possession of the vehicle, and a full description of it, detailing: make, type, year and exterior colour.
    (plus TWO proofs of residential status documents, listed below)

c) Company vehicle

  • Letter on company letterhead advising Council of the person who has possession of the vehicle, borrower or lessee's address and full description of vehicle including make, model, year and colour of vehicle.
    (plus TWO proofs of residential status documents, listed below)

d) and applicable fee: See Resident Parking Fees; AND

e) for residents in three bedroom units applying for a second permit in Parking Zone B, any one of the following:

  • A copy of the strata title plan, including dimensioned unit floor plan; OR
  • a copy of the Council DA consent approval for the property; OR
  • a copy of the residential tenancy lease which stipulates the number of bedrooms in the unit (tenants only).


Proofs of Residential Status 

  • Driver's Licence
  • Electoral Card/Roll
  • Residential lease agreement
  • Home Contents Insurance
  • Utility Bill
  • Bank Statement
  • Rental Bond Board receipt
  • Centrelink healthcare card
  • Phone Bill
  • Current Residential Lease
  • Pension concession card
  • Official government correspondence (excluding RMS)


Apply Now

Applications for Resident Parking Permits may be lodged using the form above either in person at the Customer Service Centre, or by mail addressed to:

The General Manager
North Sydney Council
PO Box 12,
North Sydney, NSW, 2059

*Please Note: the maximum entitlement is reduced by the number of off-street parking spaces within the property. Eg. if the maximum entitlement is two and there is one parking space on the property then the entitlement is reduced to one Resident Parking Permit. To receive your maximum entitlement you must present copies of the registration papers for each vehicle registered at that address.

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