North Sydney Council believes that in its commitment to good governance, customers have a right to complain when they are dissatisfied with the services of Council.

Council will ensure all complaints are dealt with in an accountable, transparent, timely and meaningful way.


What is a Complaint?

Council categorises complaints into two types:

  1. Standard Complaints - complaints about Council policy and practices, including failure to meet service standards and good customer service practices.
  2. Formal Complaints - complaints of a serious nature such as those that allege corrupt activity, relate to alleged conflict of interest, are made under protected disclosure or relate to competitive neutrality.

Council does not regard the following as complaints:

  • A request for service such as collection of garbage or repairing a pothole.
  • A request for information or an explanation.
  • A development application decision (except where the complaint relates specifically to the manner in which the decision has been administered).
  • A request to have an infringement waived.
  • Appeals against any previous outcomes of complaints investigations.
  • Dissatisfaction with an existing Council Policy unless the customer states that they would like to register a complaint.
  • Appeals against any previous complaint investigations or a staff member’s decision(s).
  • Feedback - may be provided by customers through any of Council’s communication channels, including phone, mail, email, social media, forms, and in person.


Code of Conduct Complaints

Complaints about can be specifically made with regard to the Code of Conduct - Councillors and Staff (628KB).

Please mark your letter/email Confidential - Formal Code of Conduct Complaint, and for the Attention of the General Manager.


Lodging Complaints

Complaints can be lodged with Council by any member of the public, customer or other stakeholders in the following ways:

Complainants are encouraged to supply their name, address and contact phone number and as much information as possible about the complaint to assist Council staff with their investigation and response. If no contact details are provided, we cannot respond to your issue.

All complaints will be treated with equal seriousness, regardless of the form in which they are lodged.

For further details of how Council manages complaints, please see the Complaints Handling Policy (330KB)


Car Parking Fine Complaints

If you are appealing a parking infringement, please contact the SDRO about parking fines and more information.

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