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Construction Certificate


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PCA Form - to appoint Council

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Street Opening

Stand Plant & Full Road Closure

Permit for Building Materials on Footpaths

Permit for Building Waste Containers (Skips)

Swimming Pool - Pool Fence Compliance Certificate

Swimming Pool - Pool exemption

To Satisfy DA Consent Condition

Permit for Work Zone

Certificate Fees

Certificates fees, urgency fees, plus archiving.

Certificate Fees (87KB)


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Building Applications

(No longer Applicable) A Building Application is required for all buildings which were approved under a development consent issued for applications lodged before 1 July 1998. All applications lodged since 1 July 1998 now require a Construction Certificate.


Building Certificate

A Building Certificate is a certificate issued to show that Council has inspected a property and noted the improvements on it. It is usually requested for properties that are for sale or when unauthorised works have occurred.

It is a certificate of non-action which indicates that Council will not issue an order to repair, demolish or rebuild the building for the next 7 years. Orders may be issued if premises are in an unsatisfactory state or in the event of deterioration. Council may still issue orders in relation to ensuring to adequate fire safety in a building, even if a building certificate exists for the property.

All applications must be accompanied by an up-to-date current survey. Other information may be received dependent on circumstances.

Approximate Turnaround Time: 3 weeks or longer, as an inspection and complete history review are required)

Building Certificate Application form (227KB)


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Complying Development Certificate

A Complying Development Certificate is issued for works which satisfy set criteria as outlined in the North Sydney LEP 2013. These certificates can be issued by Council or an independent accredited certifier. The onus is on the applicant to satisfy themselves that their proposal is one capable of being dealt with as complying development, i.e. the proposal must comply with all the set criteria. Council's fee is for the assessment of the application as submitted and once determined no refund is possible. If in doubt the applicant should err on the side of caution and lodge a Development Application (DA).

Approximate Turnaround Time: 3 weeks (or longer, as an inspection is required and lack of information may lead to delay - specifications etc.)

Complying Development Certificate Application (410KB)

CDC Fee Calculator (261KB)


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Construction Certificate

A Construction Certificate is a certificate which states that building work may commence on an approved development, and complies with the terms of the Development Consent and the Building Code of Australia. Construction Certificates are either issued by Council, or independent accredited certifiers (PCA - Principle Certifying Authorities). A Construction Certificate cannot be issued without obtaining prior development consent for that development. A Construction Certificate must be obtained prior to the commencement of any work.

Approximate Turnaround Time: 3 weeks (or longer, if all information has not been submitted for assessment, eg: engineers report, stormwater drainage diagrams etc.)

Construction Certificate Application form (215KB)

Construction Certificate declaration (103KB)

Construction Certificate fees (56KB)


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Hoarding Application

Prior to the erection of any temporary fence or hoarding over property owned or managed by Council, approval must be obtained. An application needs to be accompanied by plans indicating the type of hoarding and its layout. If an 'A Class' hoarding is to alienate a section of Council's property, that section will require a permit for the occupation of Council's property. Approval for hoardings will generally only be given in association with approved building works, maintenance, or to ensure protection of the public. Fees are assessed and are part of any approval given. Customers are required to read and comply with the Hoarding Construction Guidelines and Requirements for the erection of A and B Class Hoardings within the North Sydney LGA.

Hoarding Application (164KB)

Hoarding guidelines (986KB)

Hoarding Application - extend duration (133KB)


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Occupation Certificate

An Occupation Certificate and an Interim Occupation Certificate are issued by Council to allow safe and healthy occupation of completed building works. The Interim Certificate allows occupation of part of a building or is limited to a set period of time in which any outstanding must be addressed.

Approximate Turnaround Time: 3 weeks (or longer, if all information has not been submitted for assessment)

Occupation Certificate Application Form (250KB)


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Out of Hours Work Application

Council can give consent on a one-off basis only for activities undertaken outside normal construction hours due to public safety, convenience, or traffic related reasons; and the applicant must demonstrate that an approval is in place for the works if an approval is required. Approval will not be granted to facilitate early completion of works. If regular "out of hours" work is contemplated then a Section 96 Application must vary the applicable condition of the Development Consent.

Approximate Turnaround Times: 5 working days for a standard Application upon receipt at Council; or, 72 hours for a standard Application with payment of urgency fee.

Note: written consent for out of hours work must be collected from our Customer Service Centre.

Out of Hours Work Application (153KB)

Council has a Management Plan for Out of Hours works, please refer to: Construction Works Management Strategy (204KB)


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Application to appoint Council as PCA

Following the issuing of a development consent and a construction certificate a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) must be nominated prior to the commencement of works on site.

The PCA will inspect works in progress and will issue an occupation certificate when it is applied for. The PCA can either be a (Private) Accredited Certifier, or Council. To apply to appoint North Sydney Council as PCA, please use this form.

Council as PCA - Appointment form (322KB)

Prior to completing this form, it is recommended you obtain a fee quote from Council to perform the PCA role. To obtain a quote, please ring 9936 8100. The quoted fee will depend on the number of building inspections required and will be based on - current Fees and Charges.

Once you apply to have North Sydney Council appointed as PCA, Council will formally inform you of your obligations with respect to having the building inspected at the required stages and your obligations to provide notice of commencement of works. As part of electing council as your PCA you are required to complete the following form at least 48 hours prior to commencing any works.

Council as PCA - Commencement of Works form (102KB)


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Special Construction Permits

Unless otherwise specifically approved by Council, all works, processes, storage of materials, loading and unloading associated with the development, are to occur entirely on the property. The applicant, owner or builder must apply for specific permits available from Council's Customer Service Unit for the undermentioned activities on Council's property pursuant to S138 of the Roads Act. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required for any permit application:


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Street Opening

North Sydney Council is responsible for managing street openings undertaken within the North Sydney local government area. A street opening is defined as opening a road pavement, footpath or nature strip for connection or access to a public utility ie. gas, electricity, telecommunications, sewerage or water; installation or repair of property stormwater drainage; investigations or other similar work.

Permit for Street Opening (551KB)


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Stand Plant & Full Road Closure

Council is responsible for ensuring that plant standing on footpaths and roads is positioned and managed safely for vehicles and pedestrians.

Plant may be defined as:

  • a mobile crane
  • cherry picker
  • truck crane
  • concrete boom pump
  • travel tower
  • boom lift
  • or other similar piece of equipment used for construction or maintenance work.

Council must regulate the temporary closure of public roads, in order to ensure minimum disruption to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Permit to Stand Plant & road closure (349KB)

Permit to Stand Plant & road closure - conditions (200KB)

Permits are issued subject to the above conditions.

Please ensure you read the conditions before applying for a permit.

Further conditions may be imposed by Council and/or the Traffic Committee.

Depending on circumstances, permits may be rejected without notice.


Council has a Management Plan for Out of Hours works, please refer to: Construction Works Management Strategy (204KB)


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Permit for Building Materials on Footpaths

North Sydney Council is responsible for managing footpaths within the North Sydney local government area. To ensure pedestrian access and safety is maintained, a permit is required to place building materials on the footpath.

Permit for Building Materials on Footpaths (242KB)


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Permit for Building Waste Containers - Skips

North Sydney Council is responsible for ensuring that skips in public areas are positioned safely and do not block access or visibility for cars and pedestrians. A permit is required to place a skip in a public area such on a footpath or road.

Permit for Building Waste Containers - skips (233KB)


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Swimming Pools - Pool Fence Compliance Certificate

A Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate is issued when swimming pool fencing meets all requirements as specified under Part 2 of the Swimming Pools Act 1992. These certificates can only be issued by Council.

Swimming Pools - pool fence Compliance Certificate (121KB)

Swimming Pool - pool exemption certificate (228KB)


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To Satisfy DA Consent Condition

For the review, consideration and determination of matters such as: Construction and Traffic Management Plan, Anchors, Stormwater/drainage plans, Under Awning Lighting, Awnings, Deferred commencement, Sec88B Instrument (covenant)

To satisfy DA Consent condition (149KB)


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Work Zone Permit

North Sydney Council is responsible for the approval of work zones in the North Sydney local government area.

Online Form: Work Zone Permit

This form should be filled in and submitted online, and you will also need to make a secure payment online for the application fee.

This form includes five sections:

  1. permit conditions
  2. applicant's details
  3. locality snapshot
  4. indemnity
  5. insurance details


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