Street Openings

Council is responsible for managing street openings undertaken within the local government area. 

Temporary road openings are allowed by North Sydney Council for construction work, special events and so on.

A street opening is defined as opening a road surface or paving area, a footpath, or a nature strip.

Such an opening is almost always temporary with strict guidelines to the time allowed, and then the temporary versus permanent restoration of the surface.


Street Footpath, Public Land Opening

So it could be an opening of a street, a footpath, or an opening on Public Land.

This is usually done for connection or access to a public utility ie. gas, electricity, telecommunications, sewerage or water; installation or repair of property stormwater drainage; below-ground investigations, or other similar work.

And the opening can result in the full or partial closure of the street.


The form below has an application checklist, some guidance, plus possible current fees.

The form itself asks for all relevant details.


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