Compliance Advice

FAQ Development & Building Compliance

The most frequently asked questions regarding development and building compliance.


Building and compliance legislation including acts and regulations in force.

Neighbour Disputes

Community Justice Centres (CJC) help people resolve their own disputes...

Air Conditioner

Thinking of installing an A/C unit? Check here for the planning rules.

Installing a Rainwater Tank

View the latest compliance requirements before installing a rainwater tank here.

Residential Sewerage Information

Sydney Water has strict guidelines for building near it's sewer mains. Check here...

Swimming Pools & Spas

Register your swimming pool. Pool and spa safety, fencing, and legislation.

Dividing Fences

Find out here to whether your fence is exempt from the need to obtain development consent...

Fire Safety & Development

Fire safety requirements when development affects an existing building.

Retaining Walls

Is your retaining wall is exempt from the need to obtain development consent?

Owner-builder Assessment Tool

NSW Govt Office of Fair Trading webtool to assist in the owner-builder permit process.

Heritage Properties in North Sydney

Development and maintenance compliance for heritage or conservation-listed items.

Property Address, Place Names

Council issues addresses along Govt guidelines, and place names after prominent persons.

Property Maintenance Advice

Property owners need be aware of their maintenance responsibilities.

Parking Spaces, Carports or Garages

The construction of new parking spaces, carports or garages requires development consent. Find full details here.

Purchasing Property in North Sydney

View these pre-purchase tips and certificates which can tell you more.

Liquor Licensed Premises

What is a license, how do you get one, how does it relate to Council, find out here.

Smoke-free Licensed Premises

Consult this information kit for hotels, registered clubs, bars, nightclubs...

Stand Plant & Full Road Closure

We ensure that plant standing on footpaths and roads is positioned and managed safely for vehicles and pedestrians.

Waste Handling Guide

Essential information to architects, developers and builders for creating waste handling facilities in new developments.

Wood Heaters & Open Fireplaces

Check for new controls on wood heaters and open fireplaces in our area.

Work Hours

Permitted work hours are to be strictly adhered to, though there can be exceptions, and out of hours work.

Short-term Rental Accommodation

Includes Airbnb or stayz type accommodation - check the controls here